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Rico Cortes presents:
What is the Renewed Covenant? - Part 1

Did you know that the word NEW in Hebrews chapter 8 is not New in Greek but Refresh? Did you know that the Translators in the King James Bible add the word covenant into the text? Do you know the context of the Chapter from a Hebraic Perspective? These are some of the questions we will answer in this teaching. Traditional Christianity have for almost 1,700 years taught that the Law is done away with and that Yahshua came to start something New. But as we look into the text and study, we soon will come to a conclusion that only the High priesthood in the line of Aaron is the only thing that is being put on Hold until the millennial age. But, in the meantime many teachers use the book of Hebrews and twist some chapters and verses to give the wrong interpretation. This has misguided people in many denominations causing them to be in Rebellion against the Creator of the Universe and walking in Disobedience to YHVH and HIS Torah. We will study chapters 7 and 8 of Hebrews verse by verse and explain what is the renewed covenant?

Length: 28 minutes

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