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Messianic Isaac - DVD 6
by Tony Robinson

This exciting DVD set contains the following insightful teachings...

1. The mystery of the life of Abraham—This is a study of Genesis 12-22, Abraham’s life. Tony will take an in-depth look at numerous thematic connections within this passage and help you understand their prophetic significance. Furthermore, this study will set the basis for understanding the literary techniques of the Tanakh and why they’re so important.

2. Various views concerning the purpose of Akeidah—In this teaching, we will look at numerous views of the Akeidah. We will review how the ancient pagans viewed the Akeidah and how Judaism has understood it from the early first century, throughout the middle ages and in modern times.

3. The most ancient views concerning the purpose of the Akeidah—This lesson will help us understand the most ancient views regarding the purpose of the Akeidah. It will involve searching numerous midrashim for answers to how the Akeidah was viewed hundreds of years before the ministry of the Messiah Yeshua.

4. Exploring the midrashim concerning the Akeidah—This teaching is a primer on the Jewish midrashim. It will help you understand why these fantastic stories are told. Everyone knows that the midrashim aren’t to be taken literally…or do we? Are they to be taken literally? What was their purpose. Why were they written? Where did Judaism get the ideas for the numerous midrashim pertaining to the Akeidah? These questions will be answered and many more.

5. Understanding the mystery of Isaac's "death and resurrection"—This is a comprehensive teaching on how to see death and resurrection in the story of the Akeidah. The writer of Hebrews 11:17-19 saw resurrection in the Akeidah. How did he see it?

6. Messianic gleanings from Genesis 21 and 22— This is an in-depth look at Genesis 21-22 and its Messianic significance. You will see many Messianic truths and doctrines unfold before you like never before. Many doctrines that seemingly can only be taught/learned from the New Testament will clearly be given their Torah foundation. Aspects of the Messiah’s mission and purpose will plainly be presented from the Torah as a foundation.

7. How did the ancients connect the Akeidah to death and resurrection—In this last teaching, Tony will demonstrate clearly and quite conclusively how the ancient sages of Israel (before the fourth century BC!) were able to understand Isaac’s Akeidah as an act of “death and resurrection.” Furthermore, this teaching is what I call EVIDENCE THAT DEMANDS BELIEF! It shows you how, beyond a shadow of a doubt, Adonai intended for us to see death and resurrection in the story of the Akeidah!

After viewing this DVD it will be abundantly clear that the death, burial and resurrection of the Messiah had its foundational basis in the Torah. This is not hype. It’s EVIDENCE THAT DEMANDS BELIEF! You will understand many other aspects of the Messiah and His mission. You will understand truths such as these… See how Yeshua fulfills the Yom Kippur ceremony! See thematic allusions to Passover in Genesis! Discover the true wisdom behind the Midrashim! See how numerous chiastic structures reveal Messianic truth! And much, much more!

Length: 1 hour and 4 minutes

(DVD 6 of 6)

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