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Michael Rood presents:
Part 1 - The Beating of Balaam's Ass
(Prophetically Speaking)

Every time America attempts to pressure Israel into forsaking Abraham's land covenant with the Almighty, America gets whacked by "acts of god" as it reads in the insurance disclaimer. America's leaders just don't get the picture as they continue to beat "Balaam's ass" hoping to force Israel into submission to their globalist agenda.

King Balak (Heb. the Destroyer) gathered the princes of his United Nations together on three separate occasions, on three different mountaintops, to survey the nation of Israel. Each time, seven sacrifices were offered on seven altars as Balaam and the best and the brightest sought a way to circumvent Israel's destiny to inherit the land. Bribes, promotions, and unlimited expense accounts were the order of the day.

On September 11, 1993 the princes of the world gathered in Washington D.C. to inaugurate their seven year peace altar - the prophetically doomed Oslo Accords. Seven years later, in July of 2000, the princes again assembled at Camp David for another round of sacrifices on their seven year altar yet, no peace did it bring. Seven years later, in November of 2007 the princes were assembled for their third mountaintop experience in Annapolis Maryland as they devised yet another way to make Israel bow at their feet.

Balaam learned the hard way and apparently so must America. Balaam was taken by the edge of the sword as Israel took the land promised to Abraham. Just what part of "Almighty" doesn't the New World Order understand?

Join Michael Rood for the opening session of Yom Teruah 6008 - the Feast of Trumpets 2008 as he details the prophetic significance of "Beating Balaam's Ass" from the book of Numbers and from the headlines of the New York Times. The physical universe is trying to tell America something that their leaders just don't want to hear . . .

Length: 49 minutes

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