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Points of Contention - DVD 7

Did James & the elders hold a meeting in Jerusalem to force YHWH to embrace Gentiles that don’t have to obey him after He punished Israel for not obeying? In 1 Timothy 4 are we warned about people taking away the baby back ribs and shrimp cocktail in the last days? Did Peter understand his vision to be the “go ahead” to eat unclean and common things? Did Paul stop by Troas to have church on Sunday after celebrating Passover & Unleavened Bread in Phillipi only to then sail past Ephesus in a hurry to make it to Jerusalem in time for Shavuot\Pentecost if possible? Have more words been added in the English translations? Is “first day” even in the text? What happens when Israel rejects YHWH’s Sabbaths, feasts and commandments? Are Gentiles “taken out” of the nations to become the Israel of YHWH and given a name better than that of natural sons and daughters if they will obey? How can something that is “taken out” continue to remain in that from which it was taken? What was Y’shua talking about in Mark 7? Is everything now fit for human consumption because He died & was raised? Was He contending with His Father’s commandments or the traditions of men?

Length: 1 hour and 22 minutes

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