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Rico Cortes presents:
Messiah - Priest of War

This eye-opening study is on the role of the Messiah during His first coming and what His role will be during His second coming. Did you know that in Judaism there is a teaching about the distinction between Messiah Ben Joseph and Messiah Ben David? Did you know there is a teaching about the distinction between the High Priest of the Temple and the Priest of War? Yeshua revealed His purpose and role during His first coming through His parables and miracles. This teaching will challenge you to look at Yeshua in a different light, not just as the Kingly Messiah and Priestly Messiah, but also as War Messiah, which He will be during His return to the Earth. I pray that this teaching will help you understand the roles of Moshiach Yeshua Ben Joseph - the Kohen HaGadol and His transition into Moshiach Ben David - Kohen of War.

Length: 80 minutes

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